"Don't move that Rock, Get Better!"

This morning, I was riding down the trail, trying to flow with the rocks, and looking forward to and I'll admit dreading a bit, my favorite rock hop on Roller Coaster Trail. I rode past the spot before I realized that the rock was gone. Someone had removed it from the trail. I was disappointed and a bit angry at the folks who removed it. I know who you are. Not by name, but by profile. You are probably young, not too experienced in mountain bike trail riding, and new to these trails. How do I know? Because I was much the same (maybe not so young), when I removed those very same rocks ten years or so ago. I (with some unnamed help) moved those rocks for much the same reason that you did: because it makes it easier to ride the trail. Well, I discovered that I was wrong when I rode that trail again a week later and those very same rocks were back because someone (or a bunch of someones) wanted them there and actually placed them there and enjoyed them there. I realized then and I hope (if you are reading this) that you realize now, that those rocks were there for a reason. That reason was not to make the trail easier, but to make the trail more challenging. There are plenty of easy trails in the southern Dona Ana Mountain. The inner loop trail trail is one. It was designed to accommodate and challenge mountain bike riders of lesser skills. However there are trails that are difficult and are designed to meet needs and skills of more serious riders. When there is a challenge like a rock in the trail, many many riders enjoy testing their skill against THE ROCK or a series of rocks. That makes it fun and makes the trail worth returning to time and time again. If you see a rock that looks like it shouldn't be there, maybe you should ask passing biker how they should negotiate the obstacle . You will not only learn something. You may form a friendship. You may not currently have the skill that it takes to negotiate some of the obstacles on the trail. However one day, you might and think of how you will feel when one of your favorites is gone. We will return those rocks to there rightful place and hopefully you will learn to appreciate them as much as I. So Please don't move the rocks, just keep riding you'll get better.

Mike Lorimer
Las Cruces Rim Rattlers