oKiosk Sign

oDirectional signs. Provides navigational information such as trail name and length of a route

o   Warning Signs. Warns users of upcoming hazards.

oDifficulty-Level Signs. Posting them at the main trail head and trail access points.

oRegulatory Signs.

oEducational Signs. Teach riders mountain biking skills and responsible riding techniques. Signs to interrupt natural or cultural points of interest.

Replace & purchase more Trail tools

Trail Counter.

oTo measure amount of riders. This will play an important role in demonstrating to the B.L.M. and community leaders the great value of our trails.

Trail Maintenance.

oComplete repairs to the western loop/littler roller coaster.

oBuild an option around (right next to) the drop at the end of the Roller coaster in order to provide a safer alternate route.

oRedesign the twister trail.

Long Term Projects.

oSST. Repair and build the BLM approved trails.

oGet approval from State and B.L.M for a new section of trail where the old Flintstone Bypass trail heads east (Also this junction is approximately 300 or 400 feet south of the southern ACEC boundary).This is where we hope that the new trail will start from. It will head North West around the side of the North Suegra through the boulder field reconnecting; to the Old roller coaster section on the North side where it comes out of the ACEC boundary. Click here to see Map

Through your donations we can continue to
maintain and build trails. We need your
support in acquiring tools and other supplies.
Also your donation will help us maintain this
website with FREE trail maps and awesome
Mountain Biking information. Any thing you
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